Investment Criteria

paradeJefferson Capital evaluates investment candidates based on the following criteria:

  • Established, market-driven business.
    Companies in medium to high-growth industries that are primarily driven by market factors rather than technology.
  • Experienced, proven management.
    A superior record of performance and appropriate operating experiences, with a meaningful ownership interest.
  • Well Run Companies.
    Effective financial and operational controls and management information systems.
  • Attractive industry characteristics, with established market niches.
    Companies having strong product lines in solid industries, and possessing clear competitive advantages.
  • Minimum revenue approaching $10 million, generating $1.5 million EBITDA.
    Steady revenues, preferably with a three-year history of generating positive cash flow.
  • A sound business plan
    A well-constructed plan, with long-term business and financial objectives. The business plan should include a description and history of the business, historical and projected financial statements, analysis of the industry and its competition, management experience and backgrounds, source and use of funds, and ownership structure.