jefferson statue
“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” – Thomas Jefferson

Providing Capital to America’s Growing Businesses

When it comes time to commit the capital necessary to take a business to the next level, the corporate finance options for a privately held business have always been limited. Many successful entrepreneurs, business owners and private equity groups have often faced the same dilemma – more opportunities than capital. Growth by expansion or acquisition, as well as buyouts, often requires greater financial resources than traditionally available. For small to middle market companies, Jefferson Capital Partners represents an alternative source of capital.

The mission of Jefferson Capital Partners is to expand those financing options by providing established, rapidly growing businesses with flexible and patient capital and strategic guidance to achieve their long-term financial and corporate objectives

Recognizing the need for an additional source of capital for private companies, the experienced investment professionals of Jefferson Capital Management founded Jefferson Capital Partners, a family of funds each a licensed Small Business Investment Company. Operating from a centralized base in New Orleans, Jefferson Capital Partners represents a capital source servicing growing businesses, entrepreneurs and private equity groups primarily located throughout the Southeastern United States, Texas and the Midwest.