Atlas - Jefferson Capital Partners


Atlas Signs Holdings, Inc.

Situation :

Three brothers owned equal shares of Atlas, a Riviera Beach, FL industrial sign manufacturer.  A dispute among the brothers led to a need for capital to facilitate one brother’s exit from the business.  The company also wanted to refinance its balance sheet as a part of overall financing.   

Sourcing :

The deal was sourced from a boutique investment banker in Miami, FL with whom JCP has developed a relationship and who now provides JCP a first look at most deals.

Investment Highlights  :

After investing growth capital, JCP upgraded the company’s executive management with a high-caliber CFO and improved supply chain management, enhancing the company’s financial controls and operating practices.  JCP also convinced Atlas to involve and reward multiple layers of management, thus creating ownership and accountability throughout the organization.  After implementing these changes, Atlas flourished, nearly doubling EBITDA in the 4.5 years JCP held its investment. JCP exited Atlas in 2018, generating a significant return on investment