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CSA Group

CSA Holdings

Situation :

CSA Group, a minority-owned architecture, and engineering firm was looking for a long-term, patient capital partner to help recapitalize its balance sheet and grow its business after recovering from the economic recession. Delinquent receivables from certain customers exacerbated liquidity problems and prevented CSA from pursuing growth opportunities.

Sourcing :

The deal was referred to JCP by an independent sponsor who was helping the company find a new financial partner. 

Investment Highlights  :

JCP’s growth capital investment stabilized the working capital situation and allowed the company to capitalize on significant projects in multiple locations. JCP helped establish the company’s board of directors, facilitated strategic planning efforts, and financial resource discussions. CSA added over 100 employees during JCP’s involvement and was able to provide critical disaster relief services in the wake of Hurricanes Sandy, Irma, and Maria. JCP exited its CSA investment in 2017 generating a significant return on investment.